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Oceanside is what I always knew it would be, the JEWEL OF NORTH COUNTY.  Recognized for its beautiful beaches and marina, pier, thriving tourism industry, growing industrial parks, 30 public parks, airport, soccer fields, agriculture, and historical sites.

City of Oceanside Vision Statement

“The City of Oceanside will be a safe, culturally diverse community that empowers its citizens to provide an environment that promotes economic development, supports quality education, fosters the cultural arts and preserves its natural resources.”


As a council member and mayor, I participated in the process creating the vision statement and worked to support it.  I’m proud of working on many of the projects and programs that helped to change our image and improve the quality of life for our residents.  The city council worked as a team and that’s why we are no longer viewed as a rowdy marine town plagued with gang activity.

We are now a tourist destination that draws people from all over the world.  Our first-class hotels and restaurants keep tourist dollars in our city and provide jobs for our residents.

Our industrial parks are growing and providing much needed employment for our residents and revenue to our city.  Making it possible for residents to live and work in Oceanside means spending more time with your family and less time driving.


I possess the professional experience, determination, fiscal ability, and knowledge to build consensus and get the job done. Protecting, Preserving, and Enhancing the quality of life are my priorities for the residents in District 2.

I’m a native of Oceanside, born on March 24, 1952 after my family migrated here from Louisiana as part of the black migration escaping the South.  I attended Oceanside public schools; graduated from Oceanside High School, Mira Costa College, and San Diego State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration.


My grandfather Reverend Samuel Jacob Fisher was an influential figure in my life.  He was the Senior Assistant Minister of Walker Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church.  My stepfather Charles Will Norris served 2 years in the Navy and 20 years in the Marines for a total of 22 years and was a decorated veteran of World War II and the Korean War.


My mother Opal Antoinette Norris was my political inspiration.  She worked at the Reeves Rubber Plant in San Clemente, the laundromat on Camp Pendleton and for many years she worked as a maid for Oceanside Mayor Erwin Sklar and Deputy Mayor Richard Turnbull.

Growing up in Oceanside I recognized the need for the voiceless to be heard and the unrepresented to have representation.  I became that bridge between neighborhoods and city hall.  Growing up and in school I played team sports, I was a team player and I understand the importance of building consensus to keep Oceanside on track and moving forward.


On November 3, 1992 I became the first African American elected to the Oceanside City Council.  On December 5, 2000 after serving two consecutive terms as a council member I successfully campaigned and became the fifth elected Mayor of Oceanside.



"I was raised to respect and give back to our community which has given so much to my family and me."

Currently I’m retired, I enjoy traveling and working on remodeling my home which I’ve owned for 40 years and lived in for 38 years.  I am a member in good standing with the I.B.E.W. #569, where I’ve been a member for 38 years and a life long member of Walker Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church.


As a single parent I raised two sons, Phillip who served eight years in the Army and Terry Jr. who served four years in the Air Force.  Both received honorable discharges.  I have one stepdaughter, 5 grandchildren and one great granddaughter.



• Having strong police and fire department services.  Safeguarding you and your family is a priority for me in District 2, we have suffered far too many tragic events.  I will continue to work closely with the Police and Fire department on improving communications within the community, making the streets and neighborhoods safe for our children and our families.

• The safety of our residents and public safety officers. June 13, 2003, a date that I will never forget. Oceanside police officer Tony W. Zeppetella was murdered, shot in the line of duty by a 4-time deported criminal illegal alien. Criminal illegal aliens roaming our neighborhoods should not be tolerated or accepted.  They pose a threat to our community and by the law of our country, all criminal illegal aliens shall be deported to their country of origin.

• Job development and apprenticeship programs for our residents. People are for a variety of reasons, changing careers and working later in life.  Our young adults just starting out and people looking to change their career path or improve their skill sets, all deserve the opportunity to increase their earning potential.

• Enhancing our youth, senior and veteran programs.  Oceanside has done well in creating recreational, educational and assistance programs but a lot more can be done.

• Using a portion of the Pacifica Elementary School site for a Community Garden.  There is a desire and the necessity for residents lacking the space to plant and tend to their own garden.

• The farmers who are facing difficult times with high operational costs.  While Cannabis cultivation may not be popular with some it can be a source of revenue for the farmers and the city.  The revenue generated could benefit many areas of our city. Public safety services, street improvements, programs for youth, seniors and veterans, and so much more.

• Providing affordable and market rate housing and finding solutions to the increasing traffic congestion in District 2.  Our children and grandchildren are being forced to move out of Oceanside and the state because of the lack of housing and jobs.  New businesses will not locate where employees cannot find or afford housing. I will support the necessary road, water, sewer, recreation and public safety services needed to relieve the current traffic congestion.  New housing and businesses will be held responsible to provide the required infrastructure improvements required by the city and necessary to the area.

• Repealing the car registration and gas tax.  This tax hurts everyone whether you drive a car or not.  It increases the cost of everything being delivered to your home, grocery store, retail and wholesale outlet.  Freeway and bridge improvements need to be done but residents have already been taxed significantly to make that happen so where has the money gone.

•The Mobile Home Park Rent Control Ordinance. I have always supported Oceanside’s Mobile Home Park Rent Control Ordinance. My record dates back to 1992, the year I was first elected to the Oceanside City Council. My 12-year voting record clearly demonstrates my strong support for the senior community. As a private citizen, I voted No to Defeat Proposition “E” and “F”. I am now a senior and I pledge that I will continue to support our senior residents.

Neighborhood cleans-ups, safe and clean parks.



I cannot be associated with Measure Y or the organization, S.O.A.R., who condone misrepresenting and disrespecting the truth.  Again, on Friday August 24, 2018 the family and legislative aide to former Oceanside Mayor Jim Wood publicly disavowed any truth to a claim of endorsing Dana Corso for Oceanside City Council District 2.   Demonstrating a complete lack of respect for the former mayor and his family Dana Corso lists on her website and in her ballot statement being endorsed by him.  Council Member Sanchez has publicly supported her claim.

The following is a link to the July 13, 2018 San Diego Reader article which is based on a Press Release from the family.  https://www.sandiegoreader.com/news/2018/jul/13/stringers-popular-oceanside-ex-mayor-keeps-counsel/

A new City Council will be elected November 6 and seated in December.  In January of 2019, the new City Council should be given the opportunity to address the concerns of the community regarding South Morro Hills and the proposed North River Farms development.  I originally supported Measure Y being placed on the ballot, however, with recent revelations involving S.O.A.R. supporters, it is time to hit the reset button.  Misleading the community about the facts is not acceptable.  Ballot box planning is not an acceptable solution, we can do better. Vote No on Measure Y.


During my time as Mayor and a Councilmember I am proud to have participated in many of the city’s improvements that we enjoy today.  These are just a few.


• Mance Buchanon Park, Luiseño Park, Martin Luther King Jr. Park, Lake Blvd. Park, Cesar Chavez Park, skate parks and a dog park.

• Improvements to the Libby Lake Park and Community Center, Joe Balderrama Park and Community Center, Ron Ortega baseball fields, Melba Bishop Park and Buddy Todd Park.

• New Police Headquarters & Branch Library on Mission Avenue.

• Senior Volunteer Patrol Program, concerts in the parks and the beach, daytime farmers market, Days of Art, Soap Box Derby Racing, Offshore Power Boat Racing and the ESPN X-Games.

• Two new Fire Stations, 6 & 7.

• Closing & purchasing the All Nude Playgirl Club business and property. Now the home of the California Surf Museum. The new development of the Oceanside Art Museum, the Sunshine Brooks Theatre and the Regal Theatre Cinema Complex.

• Wyndham Oceanside Pier Resort, Oceanside Terraces mixed-use project, parking structure at Seagaze & Cleveland.

• The Pier View Way pedestrian underpass.

• Construction of a permanent bridge over the San Luis Rey River.

• BIOGEN-IDEC Pharmaceuticals, now Genentech.

• El Corazon Recreational and Community Senior Center.

• Arrowood housing community and Golf Course.

• Expansion of the desalination plant.

• The new development of the Joe & Mary Mottino Y.M.C.A.

• Ocean Ranch Industrial Park, Prescott Industrial Park and Pacifica Business Park.

• My “Yes” vote secured the acquisition of the El Corazon Property for future recreational opportunities.

• My “Yes” vote secured the Ocean Ranch industrial/commercial zoning for future job development.

• Approximately $100 million dollars was spent on 72 miles of new streets in the City of Oceanside. The major City projects included the extension of SR 76 from Interstate 5 to Jeffries Ranch Road, Canyon Drive to Bush St to SR 76, Benet Road from SR 76 across the San Luis Rey River, Melrose Drive to SR 76, North Avenue from Olive to Sunburst, and the extension of Rancho del Oro Road from Oceanside Boulevard to Mesa Drive. Additionally, the opening of College Boulevard between Oceanside and Carlsbad further reduced traffic congestion within our City. The City improved College Boulevard and Vista Way. The State of California and the Federal Government widen SR 78.

• Three major shopping centers were built in the City of Oceanside.

• The City’s popularity and image improved with the addition of residential and commercial development projects throughout the City of Oceanside.




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Terry Johnson picture
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